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Student Workers
Armonie Mazyck
School:North Charleston High
Why Metanoia:I know a lot of the people here and im quite closte to them also because Metanoia helps out with alot of things.
Plans after Highschool:She would like to attend college at Oglethorpe University to become a Business owner.
Creighton Shingler
Age ; 15
Grade ; 11th
School ; Charleston Charter School Of Math&Science
Why Metanoia I like the energy and the friends I've created here , I also enjoy working.
Plans after Highschool ; He would like to attend college and also join the air fource.

Connor Shingler
Age ; 17
Grade ; 12th
School ; Charleton Charter School Of Math&Science
Why metanoia ;  I  like helping people and learning new things.
Plans after Highschool ; He would like to go a four year college and is thinking about being a electrician.

Rodrico Hicks
Age ; 15
Grade ; 10th
School; West Ashley High
Why Metanoia ; Its a good place to be and all kids should come.
Plans after Highschool ; He wants to attend a college and play football for a college.

Bernard Porcher
Agw ; 17
Grade ; 12th
School ; Garret Academy
Why Metanoia ; I was here since first gradeand it keeps me out of the streets.
PLans after Highschool ; He would like to attend college at The Arts Inshhale Of Charleston for fashion and graphic Design.He also would be attending another college for business.

Chrishawn Varns
School:West Ashley High
Why Metanoia:He gets to show off his ability to lead and show leadership.
Plans after Highschool: He wants to attend college and begin starting his own bussiness.
Travez Norton
Why Metanoia:His family has been apart of this program almost ever since the beginning, it allows him to learn new skills for life,and also because he sees how much of a change this program has made in the community over the years.
Plans after Highschool: He would like to attend a college that specializes in the sciences and while there he would like to major in biomedical science and to be even more specific specialization in the pharmacology side of things